Striking and amazingly compelling! Juggler Thomas Arthur is among the best. Whatever Arthur does, he does with intelligence, flair, musicality and a sense of high purpose.
R.M. Campbell
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Patterns in Motion
Patterns in Motion is an assembly performance for the K - 7 student population exploring the nature of order and how perception of pattern, shape and time help us make sense of the world. With choreographed juggling routines, participatory games of balance and rhythm, imaginative flights of poetry, and excursions into the wonders of science and geometry, Thomas Arthur guides students to a deepening understanding of patterns, cycles and rhythms.

Thomas Arthur is a wonderfully graceful juggler, who marries the syncopations of his music to an elaborate choreography in a way that will hypnotize you.
Liz Nichols
The Edmonton Journal

Luminous Edge
Commissioned by the Seattle International Children's Festival, Luminous Edge premiered in May of 2007 and is available for touring.

Luminous Edge Link
Since when is juggling a form of dance? If you have to ask you've never seen Thomas Arthur's unbelievable choreography for balls, spheres, and hoops. Arthur commands his objects to hover and whiz, spin and caper with the rhythmic finesse of a conductor. It's a mind-blowing revelation. The first time this subdued critic saw Arthur perform, she screamed for more until hoarse.

Lodi McClellan
Seattle Weekly

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Letters of Recommendation

Re: Thomas Arthur
Patterns Shaping Time

Thomas performed at our school on the morning of December 7. Right from the beginning he held the attention of the staff and students with his juggling ability and with the way he could make the audience think about the patterns he created using three balls, then four balls and on to five. His emphasis on the need to practice is a message students needed to hear, and that practice means more than repeating - it means taking risks, dropping the balls as you try to stretch your routine, getting better rather than maintaining a certain level.

The performance was fast paced and included a variety of topics. Highlights included his choreographed routine, his optical illusions, and his juggling of glowing balls in a darkened auditorium.

I have talked with others in our district who have had the pleasure of seeing his performance and they were pleased as well with the quality of the show. This was a great experience for our students and teachers. I highly recommend Thomas Arthur's performance of Patterns Shaping Time.

Bruce Walkey
Blackburn Elementary
Prince George, B. C.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am so pleased to be able to offer a recommendation for Thomas Arthur. Without a doubt, his program is of the topmost quality, both in presentation and appeal to children.

In March 2004 my library was fortunate enough to be able to provide a local school with a program in celebration of Poetry Month. Thomas Arthur’s Poetry in Motion was the perfect choice. His method engaged the students from the beginning, teaching a little of the lyrical composition of poetry, while at the same time incorporating juggling routines. Not an easy feat, in my opinion. The students were totally fascinated, subtly learning the rhythms of poetry while being treated to a magical performance.

I always appreciate a performer that involves the members of the audience and with children this is very important. It gives them a bond with the performer that they remember long after the program has ended. I heard about Mr. Arthur many times upon later visits to the school. Several mentioned that they were learning to “juggle” now and many remembered the poem created that day.

This performance was completed twice, once for the kindergarten through second grade students and later for the third through fifth. Mr. Arthur included some small changes in the presentation of the two programs, thus creating a performance that was relevant to the age group in attendance. All the students were enthralled and left the gym excitedly talking about what they had just taken part in.

Again, I give Thomas Arthur my highest recommendation. He is sure to be a BIG hit at any venue.

Yours truly,

Debbie Howard

Children’s Librarian

Algona-Pacific Library


Student Response

Dear Mr. Arthur,

when you were Juggling with the glow in the dark balls me haert was pounding. I'm your biggest fan. --Sam

Dear Mr. Arthur, that was incretibul. I liked the glowing balls the best. You must of had lots of peractis. That was the best thing I ever saw. Have fun! from Erika

Dear Mr. Arthur that was the best performance ever! My favourite part was when you yoused the spiril stiks. I think youare the best jugeler ever!!!!!!! from Elizabeth. P.S. I want to be just like you when I grow up.

Dear thomas - I wish I coud be like you. that was so cool when you teuned the light off and the balls glowed. it was freky. you are so cool. I wish I could have the taleints like you.. I had a lot of fun. from Hayley. I wish I coud Juggl especially like you.

For more information please contact:
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